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Awlad Omdurman Restaurants
Posted by:admin, July - 03 - 2019

In this project Olive Technology has implement POP’s System for restaurants management on all branches successfully. All feature is used and connected with the mobile apps for easy and remote management.

Olive Technology completed all the necessary configurations and  trained all the staff to start the implementations.

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Rehab SVS Project
Posted by:admin, December - 28 - 2018

The Swallowing, Voice and Speech Rehab SVS website project was developed to provide an excellent services to patients with  swallowing, voice, speech and language disorders as well as other orofacial mycology disorders.  At SVS,  we believe that patients with any one of the above mentioned disorders are not given enough treatment opportunities at the government health centers.

The number of visits they are assigned by government health centers are not enough. Most patients are discharged from the community services while they are still in need of therapy. The wait lists in the outpatients clinics in hospitals are too long, sometimes exceed 6 months.  It is documented that research supports early intervention and particularly for stroke and other Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) populations.

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Jansab Food
Posted by:admin, November - 30 - 2018

Jansab Food is a luxury place for bakery, meals, sandwiches, hot & cold dirks. Olive has provided full solutions including the Computers, Network System and the Restaurants Management Software.

Project was very successful and add real value and help them manage and control their business easily and efficiently.

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IT Security
Posted by:admin, February - 20 - 2018

This project is designed for one a leading provider of IT security and Defense-in-Depth Solutions in the Middle East and Northeast Africa.

Our team possess diversified experience in multiple IT security disciplines with senior staff averaging 15 to 20 years of international experience in different fields of IT security including, Security Assessment, Design & implementation of counter measures, IT Security Audit, Consultation & professional services, Training, and PKI implementation.

The company is a customer-oriented company, with focus on securing customer’s data end-to-end. Our solutions are tailored to each client, we do not use the uniform approach in tackling IT Security issue.

The new website help the company to achieve their goals and provide better services for their customers.

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WNSC Project
Posted by:admin, November - 30 - 2017

WNSC Company established in 2007 – South of Khartoum to operate an integrated agricultural industrial complex for production of refined sugar, Sugar related by products and generation of electric power. The company owns a farm with a total area of 165000 feddan , Sugar factory with its supplements and has production capacity of 450 thousand tones per year, 115 Megawatts electricity and 45 million liter of Ethanol per year. The Web Portal developed to improve the professional image for the company, market WNSC products internationally  and ultimately add value to their career offering to reach a higher level of services standards.

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IDB Bank Project
Posted by:admin, August - 30 - 2017

IDB Bank main goal is to get up with the transformation industry sector in Sudan through providing finance rendering, banking services , participating in finding technical solutions, coping with the technological development and through the management commitment to provide quality services and excellence in performance to satisfy their customers’ needs and achieve the sustainable development.

The website project is developed to reflects good image about the bank and services, provide better services and communications with their customers and help them to increase work efficiency and productivity.


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Olive Technology Project
Posted by:admin, July - 30 - 2017
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